Friday, November 1, 2013

Module #5b: How Gaming Affects My World
Gaming is now officially part of your life.

In the first half of this module, you were challenged to play Kingdom Rush for at least three hours.  Chances are quite good that your gaming experience lasted much long than that hour. In fact, you may have found your life has changed with a few hours per day dedicated to continuing to do your "homework."

Why is this? What does the gaming process provide that rewards you in such a way that you want to re-experience it?

You reflected on your playing and learning experience on your blog.  You even read and reacted to your classmates' experiences.  Did their experiences match yours?  What were the similarities and differences?

Gaming is full of choices and the second half of this module will require you to make a choice.  Below are two sets of resources that you must review.  One of them deals with Gaming and Learning while the other addresses How Gaming Affects Our Daily Lives.

Gaming and Learning
What Teachers Need to Know about the Videogame Generation(.pdf)
7 Ways Games Reward the Brain
Gaming's Elements Make for Good Learning
How is Gaming Different for Boys and Girls?

How Gaming Affects Our Daily Lives
What Kids Learn That's Positive from Playing Video Games (.pdf)

How Gaming Makes a Difference in Your World 
TED Talks About Gaming in Our Daily Lives
Is Gaming "As Real As Your Life?"

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