Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Module 6: Learning in a Virtual World

Who would YOU have as an avatar if you had the chance?  Meet Dr. Z

This will be an opportunity to meet, greet and talk with people through virtual means.
You will have the opportunity to use a Quest Gaming system at 3D GameLab to be introduced to the Second Life Virtual Worlds.  This will involve you opening a Second Life account and then exploring.

You should receive an invitation to partake in the Quest in the next couple of days.
Remember to post your Second Life name at the bottom of the page on our Student Contact page.
We will visit the Iowa Island in Second Life. Your new Home Away from Home is Dr. Z's

Read the materials and watch the videos below to get an idea of what SL involves. Can you find any materials on the web that you would like to add to our collection?

7 Things You Should Know about Virtual Worlds. A virtual world is an immersive online environment whose "residents" are avatars representing individuals who participate through the Internet. Many institutions are experimenting with virtual worlds for educational purposes. They may foster constructivist learning by placing students in a context that challenges them to learn without explicit learning objectives and assessment.

Using Second Life for Immersive Learning podcast
(Educause Connect Podcast) 14-minute podcast with Dr. Cynthia Calongne, Professor of Computer Science at Colorado Technical University. Discusses how she uses Second Life to provide real-life laboratories for her students.

Educational Uses of Second Life
Interesting 7-minute video introduction to the educational possibilities of Second Life.

Dr. Z's Intro to Second Life Wiki
A series of YouTube videos that Dr. Z found to introduce you to Second Life.

Virtual Social Worlds And the Future of Learning
Learning in Three Dimensions: Experiencing the Sensibilties Imagining the Possibilities of virtual worlds in education.

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