What Do I Post in My Blog?

Here is a list of ideas for your response.  Remember that these are just suggestions and writing about your personal passions is the most important thing you can do:
  • Consider project-based learning and connectivism in the Web 2.0 book.  What can that mean to future education? Find examples of how this has Disrupted the typical classroom.
  • Describe how  you use technology in an education situation (classroom or corporate). Compare this with other instructional instances on the web.
  • What is your passion?  Look through Chapter 4 of Web 2.0. Find a technology that interests you.  Find examples of how it is used in learning situations. Explore them and provide thoughtful opinions about their use.  Be Passionate.
  • Pick one of the blogs that are on our website.  Find a posting that elicits an emotion in you (excitement, anger, disbelief, passion, .  . .) Discuss what it is and why you reacted.  Find another blog that talks about the same topic and compare them.
  • What is Disruptive Innovation all about? Do you see if working within education? Why should we be involved in that?  What do others say?  find examples for one side or the other.
  • What is a 21st Century classroom?  Share examples? Is it worth it?
  • Describe an "Ah Ha!" that you have experienced when thinking about what is possible in today's world. What does this look like in today's learning?
  • The more passion -- the better the post. What inspires passion for learning in  you? Write about it. Cite about it. Share it.
  • Consider all that you have been reading about tech and education. What sticks out in your mind?  What is important to you and why?
  • Read McLeod's opening remarks at the Iowa Education Summit.  Reply with what you have learned and can find to support it.

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